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It's Christmas and there is chaos in the Sorting Office. Auntie is having a breakdown and Alesha needs to open a parcel in secret.  They both choose the same cupboard to hide in when a power cut locks the door. In the ensuing confrontation the two women face their inner demons as a violent and catastophic event occurs outside which ultimately bonds them.

A film about ordinary people whose lives become caught up in the centre of a global catastrophe.

Starring Shaheen Kahn as Auntie and Leila McQuaid as Alesha. Written and Directed by Denise Stephenson. Because we filmed remotely on Zoom during lockdown the actors and director never met each other. 

Audience Reviews

"A beautiful and moving piece"

"Great. Very inventive."

"Lovely writing & so interesting to see the story unfold in the zoom world. Great to see it adapted for an online audience. "

"Very original and poignant"

"Love this!!! The crying cupboard- I’m loving it!"

"Well executed, directed and written! Bravo!!"

"For me the theme is that going through difficult times can bring out the best in us, which is what the world is experiencing now." 

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