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Finding Melania Title

Finding Melania is a solo show, a twisted dark comedy about the fascination and lure of masculine power and the women who submit all. Merging dark clowning, surreal visual landscapes, and absurd comedy to explore the grotesque behind the glamorous facade of Melania Trump.

Conceived & Performed by: 

Denise Stephenson 

Direction & Dramaturg: 

Sarah Calver

What if the Trumps never left the White House but are secretly existing in the hidden chambers buried deep below the building, in the belief that they will one day return. What did it take to prop up Donald and his authoritarian demands? Always believing she has an audience Melania lives out her memories, dreams, and fantasies while the world has forgotten her.

BBC Bristol
00:00 / 13:45
Portobello Radio London
00:00 / 07:47

Running Time: 60 minutes 

Suitable for 14+

The production contains themes of physical and psychological abuse. 



Cast: 1 

Get in and out: 15 minutes each 

Tech Time: 2 hours 

Finding Melania comes with a technical operator and stage manager. There is no set, only props and costumes provided by the company. To run the production we require minimal LX design and access to a QLab. 

The piece can be adaptable to different spaces, best suited to a black box studio space. Due to the interactive nature of the show the performer needs access to the audience. 

For more information, or to discuss bringing Finding Melania to your theatre please contact Sam Campbell at / +44 7487 717 327.

Broad Street Review

"A dark and desolate dinner party of the mind."

Finding Melania: The Film

Prior to creating the live work, the team explored the idea on film with the addition of Evie Fehilly as co director. The result is a 12-minute short, which has received much  acclaim on the Festival circuit.  [Trailer below. ]

Laurels 3
Laurels 9
Laurels 1
Laurels 2
Laurels 7
Laurels 10
Laurels 4
Laurels 5
Laurels 6
Laurels 8
Certificate 2

Finding Melania is a female-led collaborative project led by Denise Stephenson with director and dramaturg Sarah Calver. The work is produced by Ellandar Productions, a new multidisciplinary theatre company committed to pursuing diverse and inclusive work, both in form and content. 

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