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In 2015 played Hilary Clinton in 'Hilary and Monica'  for the Lost Festival in London, Marine Le Pen in 'Stella Europa' at the Hen and Chickens followed by The Queen in 'Elexion' at Theatre 503. Looks like I'm specializing in world leaders!
In October I played 'Molly' in 'Cecilia' at the Kings Head in Islington, less of a world leader more of a grieving mum. In February I performed in 'Valiant' a powerful verbatim piece examining women's war stories and worked on The Wardrobe Project for Visible Theatre in which I played a dynamic transgender jazz player. Rehearsals for 'Expectations' playing Billie have just begun, and I'm slipping off to Wales to play Lucullus for the Factory Theatre's 'Timon of Athens' in Wales next week. 
Last year I wrote and performed my first one woman play, Pentimento, which played at the Gilded Balloon in the Edinburgh Festival. Based on my mother, it tells the story of a young Irish nurse during the war, and an elderly woman dying of dementia. The show will be playing at the Junction Festival in Ireland and then New York next year.
There were some short films last year most notably 'Men Buy Sex' by Alice Russell which has garnered several awards., and soon to be released 'Fergie Time'.
I've written a new play for two women called 'Gilgamesh'which we are hoping to get in production this year. You can find out about it on this website.
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